Benjamin Zappin, L.Ac.

Benjamin Zappin LAc

Benjamin Zappin, L.Ac. maintains a private practice in acupuncture and herbal medicine in San Francisco and Berkeley, CA and also works at two community clinics in the East Bay. Benjamin believes strongly in the notion that a physician should be a teacher and encourages the use of herbs and foods for self care. He has been on the faculty of Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, American School of Herbalism in Santa Cruz, and the East West School of Herbology. Benjamin continues to cultivate and wildcraft the plants he uses to produce a significant percentage of the medicine he uses in the clinic with his patients.

Benjamin and his wife Ingrid own Five Flavors Herbs in Oakland, a full-service herb shop offering bulk Western and Chinese herbs and tinctures, granulated extracts, supplements, and custom formulas for practitioners.

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Benjamin is teaching or co-teaching the following classes at Sylvan Institute:

FREE Introduction to the Treatment of Mental Health Conditions with Herbal Medicine w/Benjamin Zappin

FREE Introduction to Using Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine

Understanding Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine: A Methodology

Western Herbs in Chinese Medicine: Materia Medica I


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