Anne de Courtenay

A born and bred Chicago native, Anne de Courtenay has been studying herbalism in the Western and Chinese traditions for almost 10 years. She is a graduate of the Chicago College of Healing Arts, from whom she has earned certificates in Herbalism and Asian Body Therapy. She is also a graduate of the East West School of Planetary Herbology headed by Michael and Lesley Tierra in California, whose curriculum encompasses Western, Chinese and Ayurvedic materia medica and diagnostic systems.

Her original professional venture began with a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism from the the prestigious Medill School at Northwestern University; she now uses these skills to support her dedication to botanical medicine.

Currently, Anne teaches herbal classes at the Chicago College of Healing Arts and at East West School’s annual herbal seminar. She also works as an editor for Michael and Lesley Tierra.

Anne practices herbal therapy and bodywork at her clinic, Imagine Health, in Lincoln Square in Chicago. She has been happily married to the singer/songwriter Martin McCormack for six musical years.

Anne is teaching the following courses at Sylvan Institute:

Bioregional Herbalism with Anne de Courtenay

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