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A bit of commentary on Gotu Kola (unedited)

This is from the commentary of Thomas’ forthcoming book…enjoy! Gotu Kola is a member of the genus Centella in the Apiaceae family, which is a small genus of less than 20 species mostly found in South Africa. The genus is not a common morphological representation of the family which usually has very obvious umbrella shaped […]

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Small Flowered Sage – Salvia plebeia 荔枝草

  Small Flowered Sage Salvia plebeia 荔枝草 (li zhi cao) Many of you know about our series, Bio-Regional Herbalism. Since our last newsletter we have had several great webinars on Bio-Regional Herbalism including Eric Yarnell, Nicole Telkes, and Patricia Kyritsi Howell. So, to honor those excellent webinars, I thought I would write a small piece […]

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What the Fouquirie!?!?

In a recent trip to Oaxaca, Mexico I was excited to see a near relative, Fouqueiria formosa, of a favorite domestic plant ‘Ocotillo’ or Fouqueria splendens, growing in the wild and in the exceptionally scenic El Jardin Ethnobotanico seen in these photos. Fouqueria splendens grows throughout the deserts of Southern California, Arizona, and various states […]

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Heracleum or Cow-Parsnip

Cow Parsnip (Heracleum lanatum) a well known plant from Western North America, being the only Heracleum native to the Americas. The seeds and root are known to be medicinal, but the root is very acrid and must be used with care and small doses. The seeds are more forgiving relating to their dosage and have […]

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Oregon Grape Root / Mahonia species

Mahonia species is found in herbal medical practice in several places around the world. The mahonia species from the Pacific Northwestern United States and Canada is home to what is probably the most popularly used of these species, Mahonia aquifolium. The yellow to orange root, especially the root back, contains berberine an alkaloid known to […]

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Ageratina adenophora 紫莖澤蘭 (zi jing ze lan)

I was recently asked about a plant used by the Hani People of Southern Yunnan, an area I have traveled a fair bit, thus these folks that I was a good person to ask. Here is some information I found about this plant for your reading enjoyment. For the record I am pretty sure I […]

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Wild Ginger (Asarum species)

Recently a question was asked about the possible substitutes that could be used in place of the Chinese herb “xi xin” (細辛) Asarum sp. because the practitioner was concerned the this herb is “toxic.” This post is part of my response and a very short over-view of the literature on this herb in regards to […]

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