This Section is UNDER CONSTRUCTION and many of the pages here on only place holders. Please be patient while we add material to this section.

In the layers of pages you will find here is a wealth of material gleaned from years of research and work. The pages are categorized by system of medicine, i.e. Chinese medicine, Physio-Medical Medicine, etc. as well as conditions, plants, photos, drawings, clinical research, ethnobotanical research, and others.

This is a work in progress and it should be assumed that there will be regular up-dates to this entire thread of work. Currently all journal articles and other copyright material is only linked to the abstracts of where to purchase the material. In the future we hope to have much of this material available just as if you were at the library of your university.

Furthermore, the material that is presented here will ultimately be set up in a wiki format and qualified individuals will be allowed to join and translate anything available into another language. A priority is to take the Chinese literature and work to get that into English, but other languages are always welcome and we will have an application form available soon that will allow you to apply for access to the wiki.

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