Colors of Vitality


Colors of Vitality

The Colors of Vitality webinar introduces the medicinal constituents that we can actually see in healing foods and herbs. Why is a rich, dark red garden tomato so much more attractive than the anemic, ethylene-gassed, store-bought version? We have an intuitive attraction to beautiful colors in Nature. Going a little deeper, we’ll follow the color spectrum from red (carotenoids, anthocyanins, betalains) to orange (carotenoids, curcuminoids) to yellow (carotenoids, flavonoids), to green (chlorophyll) to blue and purple (anthocyanins again!) to meet these plant pigments, discuss their actions and activities, how they work together synergistically, how to get a good supply from foods and herbs, and how they work to protect and nourish the body and build vitality. This webinar will be appealing to anyone interested in nutrition and herbal medicine; you don’t need to have any training in phytochemistry to appreciate it.
Taught By: Lisa Ganora
Time: RECORDED (1 hour 55 minutes)
Cost: This is a FREE webinar
CEUs: n/a


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