Bio-Regional Herbalism of Texas


Our bioregional herbalism series features great herbalists from around the country who possess the common denominators of being practitioners, educators, and wildcrafters (if this is a new term to you it means they harvest their own plant medicine in the wild).

Texas: A Whole Lot More Than Just Cactus
Nicole Telkes welcomes you to the Central Texas Bioregion. This class will not only cover common wild and weedy medicinals found around her, but also introduce you to and give you a sense of place. Nicole will cover the vegetative zones surrounding Central Texas, soil variances and other considerations that come into place when harvesting and growing in an area that lacks the traditional 4 seasons. This introductory class will focus on invasive and weedy medicinals, some native and some not.

Nicole Telkes is a Practicing Herbalist, RH(AHG) from Austin, TX. She has a background in botanical studies, plant conservation work, community activism, and herbal first aid clinics. Nicole has spent the last 15 years traveling around wild and weedy corners of North America studying and using bioregional native and naturalized medicinal plants. She has a great passion for the green path and is the lead teacher and founder of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine in Austin, which offers a 6 month 250 hour program in community herbalism with additional advanced training for clinicians and weedcrafters. Nicole’s excitement, is not just for studying and using plants, its about laughing, having fun, and sharing plant medicine with her community.

For more information go to her blog on Texas Herbs here and and be looking for her upcoming Herbal Guide for Central Texas.

Taught by: Nicole Telkes

Time: RECORDED WEBINAR (2 hours)

Cost: FREE

CEUs: n/a

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