Salvia miltorrhiza Dānshēn 丹蔘

This is part of a monograph from the book De Pei Ben Cao (Materia Medica Properly Combining) 1761.

《得配本草》 丹参:一名赤参,一名奔马草。苦,微寒。入手少阴、厥阴经血分。养血活血,生新血,去宿血。治风邪留热,除产后烦热,开心腹结气,调女人经脉,有孕能安, 死胎可落,愈冷热痨,止骨节痛。配白芷、芍药、猪脂,敷乳痈。配查炭、益母草,酒炒,清血瘀。心血不足以养神,神不安而虚火动者,丹参补之。
Dan Shen: 1 name is red shen (ginseng), 1 name is “galloping horse” herb. Bitter, slightly cold. Enters the hand shao-yin, jue-yin channels and blood aspect. Nourishes and quickens blood, engenders new blood, eliminates abiding blood. Treats wind evil retained heat, eliminates postpartum vexation heat, opens heart region bound qi, regulates menstruation, can quiet the fetus, can help expel dead fetus, heal cold/hot consumption, stop joint pain. Combine with powders of baizhi, chishao, and pig grease and apply to breast abscesses. Combine with charred shanzha, yimucao, and mix-fry with alcohol to clear blood stasis. Heart blood insufficient to nourish the spirit, the spirit is not quiet or deficiency fire stirring [the heart/spirit], Danshen supplements [this].

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