Mullein Flower

Mullein flower
Verbascum thapsus and others
Chinese name: máo ruǐ huā (毛蕊花)
Verbasci flos
Favor and Qi: acrid, bitter, warm
Channels entered: liver, heart, lung
Actions: diuretic, expectorant
Functions & Indications: Moves qi and resolves blood stasis for pain due to qi stagnation and blood stasis, such as earache, hemorrhoids, and knocks and falls. For this function, the flower is used both internally and externally as an oil or liniment. With acrid warmth, this medicinal quickens the blood and moves qi to effectively relieve pain. Although this medicinal is not narcotic in its effects, it is quite useful and similar in action to herbs such as hónghuā and can be used as a substitute or as a duìyào for an effective pain-relieving combination.
Cautions: none noted. Always use caution when using this, or any medicine, if putting it into the ear canal. The oil of this flower is one of the most common products to apply in a child’s ear when they have an earache. Be sure the oil is neither too hot nor too cold; just above body temperature is the best.
Dosage and Preparation: infusion or short decoction 2-6g; fresh plant tincture 1-3ml; oil infusion as needed.

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