Devil’s Club

Thomas’ new book is in the editorial phase now so we thought we would publish some snippets from it here on the SIBM blog. These are only little pieces of larger monographs…


Dispels wind and dampness and boosts qi for the treatment of chronic wind-damp-cold taxation with symptoms of joint pain, muscle aches (especially those that get better with mild exercise but get worse with excessive exercise), fatigue, etc.

Dispels wind, transforms phlegm and rheum, boosts qi, and stops cough for the treatment of chronic taxation cough with accumulation of phlegm and/or rheum. This herb can also be used for acute coughs, especially when there is concurrent qi vacuity.

Courses the exterior, expels wind, and supplements vacuity for external contraction of wind-cold with concurrent vacuity qi. Devil’s Club courses the exterior and expels wind with bitter acridity, while supplementing qi with its slightly sweet flavor. Although this herb has supplementing properties, I, as well as some other herbalists, do not consider it a strong supplementing herb, although definite in action. However, some herbalists do consider it a strong supplementing herb, so there is some debate about this.



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