Treating Emotional Disorders with Herbs

As most of you probably know, myself and my long-time friend and colleague Benjamin Zappin have launched a new school, Sylvan Institute of Botanical Medicine. We can also be found on Facebook where we have events listed. The website is in the process of being completely rebuilt and we hope to have it on-line soon.

One of the focus’ of the Institute is to provide webinars for folks so they can get information remotely, thus making it easier to build clinical knowledge that you can take with you tomorrow and use. This is very convenient and user friendly.

In two weeks (June 15th) Benjamin will launch our maiden voyage with a 6 hour class (two three hour blocks that will cover using herbs to treat emotional and psychological disorders. This is an area that Benjamin has focused a significant amount of his career on, and I expect it to be a hit.

I would like to invite you to check out the FB page and the website. Give us a like on FB and stay posted for the new website coming soon, which will have lots of fun, and free, goodies along with a full schedule of classes coming to your computer soon.

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