Autumn Reine Garran 吳嶸曉

This is a poem I wrote on the morning we celebrated Autumn Reine’s life and laid her to rest. It was read during her return to the Earth.

Cool North winds blow
Yellow leaves rain down
And swirl on lonely streets
Calm in the cold concrete jungle.

Gestures of knowing
Eyes that speak
Cheeks calling out to be pinched
Joyous cooing as breast appears.

Wrapped up to cuddle
Peaceful is the sleep
Morning light insights
Laughter and chattiness.

Patiently awaiting
While mom & dad eat
Clear expression
When change is needed.

A smile so bright
Eyes so clear
No one doubts
This is her return.

When Luna was brightest
Autumn Reine found her way to us.
   Homer said of the full moon:
    “Great is the beauty that arises
      from her shining light.”

While hidden from Luna’s light
Autumn Reine found her way to an new beginning
A new birth time has come
A time to cleanse and grow
A time of healing and opportunity
Let us honor Autumn Reine
Let us seize this moment
Let us carry forward her light!

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