Spring is Coming

Spring hasn’t quite sprung, but I saw the first Forsythia flower open today, which is a clear first sign of spring. Soon it will be time to head to the hills outside of Beijing and the botanical gardens. The hills outside of Beijing are full of wonderful trails teeming with medicinal plants. I wrote about many of these last year, see blogs from the Spring of last year for some photos and notes on these plants. I hope that this year I will be able to add some more photos and notes about the wonderful plants around the massive urban area.
I also favor the medicinal plant garden at the Institute of Medicinal Plant Development, which has a fantastic Chinese medicinal plant garden in the Northwestern portion of Beijing (you can also find some photos in blogs from last year from this garden).
Well, that’s all for now. Just an up-date, I know, but the coming spring has brought a litany of projects that I must address, but I didn’t want my readers to feel like I have forgotten them….Don’t worry, I won’t forget you 🙂

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