Welcome back readers! Well it looks like I fianly found a stable poxy server, so I will be able to keep up with these blogs again.

To the left is a photo from my trip to Qing Hai Province this summer. The giant Rhuem Palmatum stands well over 2 meters tall and is one of many that form a stand in this little knoll. 大黄 (da huang) is one of the most used medicinals in Chinese medicine, being a primary herb in a number of classical formulas dating back to at least the 伤寒论 (Shang Han Lun).

The root of this plant is used throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere for it strong bowel purging actions, but it is also an extremely useful plant, acting quite deep in the body and actually entering the blood aspect (血分). It has a strong action on blood depression (血瘀) and qi depression (气瘀). And, strangely enough, when used properly, can be very effective for diarrhea.

So, that is all I will say for now about Rhubarb, I will try to stay more committed to writing this blog, for those of you who are reading. Look for more photos from my trip this summer where I found myself in the splendor of 4000 meters elevation in August, hard to beat it! I will look at some lesser known Chinese medicinal plants and compare them with some of the plants from the West, and discuss some of what I have learned using some of these plants. You can also look forward to some discussions based on my time with my new teacher, an 82 year old retired doctor from Hu Zhou (湖州).

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