The Next Chapter in Spring in the Mountains of Beijing

The glories of Spring in the mountains outside of Beijing continue this week with a some new photos. I have been very busy and haven’t had a chance to write and this will be kept short.

I was able to collect some seeds of the Pulsatilla chinensis and quickly planted some at home. Will save the rest of the seeds for a latter date. I was graced with two species of Polygonatum on this hike, one of which was P. sibiricum (玉竹), unfortunately it was raining a bit at the time and I was unable to get a photo. The other I am not sure about the species, the flower was not open yet and it was, I believe, an abnormally small speciman due to the fact it was growing out of a rock crack in the open sun. I as surprised by several large patches of Chelidonium majus (Greater Celedine) in full bloom…of course I couldn’t resist harvesting a bit of this on the way out to prepare some tincture. I also picked one plant of the Corydalis sp., which I have been unable to identify due to the large number of species in the genus present in China (357) although I am guessing C. ochotensis (黄紫堇 huang zi jin).

Also notable on this trip was a species of Sambucus (although the e-flora of China has neither any species for this genus, nor for the family Caprifoliacea, which I find strang since S. williamsii is listed in some Chinese medicine books and I have seen it in botanical gardens), another splendid viola as well as a cute low to the ground flowering iris, and a glorious purple Aquilegia viridiflora var. atropurpurea (紫花耧斗菜 zi hua lou dou cai). Also of note was a brilliant butterfly and a huge snake that had to sense to escape under a rock before I could change my lens from the macro to get a good shot.


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