Spring is Springing

While it has only gotten a little warmer here in Beijing we did have a couple warm days and that has led to some of the spring flowers and budding of trees etc. Of course, with spring comes a whole host of health issues that we need to be aware of. The changes in temperature are frequent during this time and our bodies sometimes do not adjust as quickly to these changes as we would like them to, especially if we don’t pay close attention to the days weather and we dress inappropriately.

There are a few flowers that have emerged recently. One of my favorites is the violet. This is a great flower to see because you can tell the flowering cycle in that area is starting. I often travel to the mountains in the summer and depending on the altitude there could be violets as late as July or even August, which reveals a lot about how quickly plants must produce seeds if they are to survive. But here in Beijing I noticed violets when I came out of the clinic the other day and that matched up with the other flowers that are popping now, the magnolias and the forsythias (lian qiao).

These are early flowers and they bring a sense of renewal and for me personally a sense or relief that the long winter is coming to an end. Even though the spring has been slow coming here I am thrilled, as I always am, to see the friends strut their stuff and in the case of the magnolias and the forsythias doing it even before the leaves emerge from the trees. As an aside, another notable medicinal that does this is tussilago (款冬花), which is not a tree or a bush like the others but does bloom before the leaves emerge.

Happy Spring!

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