What Is Healing?

What is healing?

This is a question that often bounces around the hollows of my mind. When a patient comes with a pain in their elbow the answer to this question appears to be quite simple, relieve the suffering caused by the pain in the elbow! Duh! But what if while talking to the patient you find that they fell while feeling “spaced-out?” They say they have had bouts of feeling “spaced-out” their entire life and they have never thought much about it so have never sought treatment. You find out that these bouts come when the patient is over-whelmed by emotional stress.
Anyway, I think you see my point, at least in part, for there is more to this story. By this story, I mean the story of exploring the question, “What is healing?” This question taps the shoulder of the very core question, “What is the meaning of life?” “hmmm?” you say. Yes, because life is a series of events strung together by the way we perceive these events. For some life is XBox and whatever popular TV show is on the “idiot box,” aka, television. For others life is sitting in meditation long hours every day and walking peacefully through the forest comuning with nature. While, of course, there are many more people somewhere between these two positions, which I would consider to be, more or less, at opposite ends of the spectrum.
So, I might venture to guess that the XBox enthusiast would be most interested in the practitioner simply relieving the elbow pain as quickly as possible so that they might be able to get back to his late night XBox competitions with his friends. Although there is a high likelihood that the other man would have addressed this issue of feeling spaced out long ago, let’s say he hadn’t. I believe that this man would be very open to a suggestion of further treatment to attempt to address the “spaced-out” issue as a root cause.
Anyway, so as to stay a little on the light side I might suggest that as a healer one might stay aware of the roots that have led to even the most supperficial “illnesses” and be aware that there could be more to the problem that walks through the doors of your clinic than it first appears to be.
So, what is healing, healing is being willing to walk along whatever path your patient has chosen, holding their hand and guiding them in whatever way you can while doing your very best to find ways to understand what the patient is liable to be most open to and how you might adjust yourself to best serve them.

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