Apple Cider

Good morning readers. While this has been a busy time for me I have tried to keep up with a variety of studies including my studies of making apple cider (apple wine). I made a batch a couple months ago and added the famous Lycii berry (gou qi zi 枸杞子) and the results are fantastic. For the first time I juiced the apples myself, well with a little help from my girlfriend’s brother, rather than simply using apple juice. I don’t know the variety of apples but I will find out when I make more because it really is quite good. However, I think I did not add enough sugar to the original batch because I “primed” half the batch with sugar after bottling the first half and the result is that the primed bottles are WAY TOO “explosive.” I did leave the second half for about 6 hours before bottling to let the yeast settle before bottling, but I have a lot of yeast in the bottom of those bottles and it takes about 20 minutes to slowly open the bottle without losing half of the product because it has too much “fizz.”
All-in-all a great product and I am excited to make another batch with more of the Lycii berries and I will definitely add more sugar this time.
Thanks for reading!

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