Sunrise Over the Great Basin

Today this is a short post to introduce the photo of a sunrise over desert at the precipice of the Great Basin in the Eastern Sierra Nevada. This past summer I was invited to join a trip to the Eastern Sierra as a guest teacher. This trip was attended by mostly students and practitioners of Chinese medicine and the subject of the trip was to look at using native plants within the paradigm of Chinese medicine. On the first day of the trip we all met and went to camp at a sweet location where were able to sit in the hot springs after a fine culinary experience prepared by Ben Zappin and Ingrid Bauer. Ben was the primary sponsor of the trip and the two of them (now married) are excellent cooks as well as herbalists.
On the first morning after an evening enjoying good food, good company, good home brew, and warm water of a nearby hot springs I awoke in time to find a large boulder to climb atop and set up my camera. From this position, in the dim morning light, I could see the steam rising from the hot springs 150 meters away and was easily propped up high enough to get above the juniper and sage brush. I took quite a few pictures that morning, allowing my lens to wander about, hoping to find a keeper-shot. It is so hard to capture the essence of a sunrise with a camera, it just never seems to match what you witnessed live. I think I might have come close this time…enjoy.

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